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“a dynamic speaker and a joy to be with…there is so much light that emanates from Angel that people listen carefully to everything she says. …I would recommend Angel Lightfeather to any enlightened group” KR

“you were awesome. The many tears shed by the audience are a good sign  of how deeply you touched the truth of their souls. Thank you so much” GKH

Divine Intervention – Miracle

Only God and the Angelic beings of Light can intercede in ones life to the pure of heart. Love is the Great carrier wave that opens the way. Hear how divine intervention works and how your life can change into higher and higher divine patterns. Learn how to Gain the eyes to see divine intervention at work. Soul Walk to a place where miracles are born. An inspirational lecture about divine intervention and Miracles on earth. Release to that Greatness of which you are a part.

Travels to the Other side – The Gifts

This lecture talks of some of the experiences on the other side. When people die they remember, but when they come back they forget. Listen and recognize the messages. Divine intervention has caused these messages to be delivered and recorded and witnessed. There are messages that need to be delivered, and a way to open doors to higher divinely inspired healing gifts.Be Touched by The Love and The Light of God and know you are a part of That Greatness – That beauty, That immensity.

Soul Walking

Learn the art of Soul Walking. A first hand account transcending time and space. Learn about what it is, places traveled and gifts from The Great Masters – Gifts we can and should use today to bring peace and light to our earth.

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