…I held Angel Presence Angel Presents as I slept and I was healed…what a book!!! MC

“you were awesome. The many tears shed by the audience are a good sign of how deeply you touched the truth of their souls. Thank you so much” GKH

“she receives messages from up above…a very enlightened being who will give messages to people from angels that appear to her. …has a wonderful way of warming up the group and presenting the information to people of all faiths.”

“I felt the light of God glow upon me as I heard Angel speak. I was touched by the light of God the way that Moses was touched. Thank you for such a blessing” Father Christopher

Divine Healings

“I have been in so much pain for so many years I always felt grumpy. I feel so incredible after our session. Angel, You are a miracle worker! My wife can’t believe the change!”

“I went to Mexico and got so terribly sick. I went to Sedona and was guided to meet Angel. As I lay on her healing table I felt complete trust. I felt Divine Angels all around me. Soon my fever was gone and I am fine. She gave me wonderful advice that I know saved my life. Words can never express how incredible our visit together was. You have my gratitude and admiration for the amazing work that you do.”

“I have been deaf since birth. Angel, your divine hands turned on my hearing. It is a miracle. You are Divine.”

“I don’t need my crutches anymore and now I can think clearly! Thank you Angel!”

“ I don’t have MS any more. I still can’t believe it. Thank you Angel. You are in my prayers everyday.”

Call Angel Lightfeather in Sedona


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